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I) Graduate Student Enrollment:

2017 graduate enrollment has begun, please check the website of the graduate school.

Welcome to the cause of scientific research, hard work, positive young students and postdoctoral!

Welcome materials, chemistry, physics and new energy and other professional students.

II) Postdoctoral Recruitment (long term):

Recruitment conditions:

(1) materials, chemical and physical background graduated from overseas or domestic famous universities or will get a doctorate, electrochemical energy storage materials or chemical power field strong professional foundation and theoretical foundation;

(2) prior research on electrochemical energy storage materials, electrocatalysis, computational chemistry or computational materials science;

(3) have strong English reading and writing ability, have the ability to carry out independent research work and published related research results.


(1) 190 k annual salary, excellent negotiable; according to the working ability and performance, the research group will give a competitive bonus;

(2) enjoy rental apartment (or postdoctoral rental subsidies), enjoy the same post teachers of their children to school, kindergarten, public health or social medical insurance and other social insurance benefits, the specific benefits according to the unified standard of Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

(3) to support the Ministry of education and postdoctoral fund of the National Natural Science Fund for employment; for 2-4 years, outstanding candidates may recommend official competition for teachers.

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